…It’s a New Generation

As time went on, fashions changed and technology grew more impressive. People even spoke differently and Royce noticed her name was increasingly pronounced more like Rose. Most of the old house was torn down and replaced with something more in the current style. John left to start a household of his own.

Annis would insist on still practicing Catholism but at least she was content to be educated in all the arts a young lady should know

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Allan found that he was suited to the the business side of land management, as ungenteel as that was. It was very hard work and he was glad to drink vast quantities of an exotic and fashionable new beverage called coffee which kept him energised

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He also spent a lot of time practicing various speeches, political and otherwise

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Little Bartholomew grew into a rather silly toddler who loved to play with toys

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Annis quite liked to take care of him sometimes

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Rose would often invite other ladies – and sometimes her brother – round to read and discuss books

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Aulus found her friends interesting too and even dared to exchange pleasentries with the eccentric and acerbic Miss Agyei

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In the evenings Rose like to settle down at her desk and work on her poetry

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And she kept it to herself that soon she would experience an Interesting Event