An Update At last

I haven’t updated recently because I’ve been unwell for a long time but hopefully I’ll be able get back to posting now.

Knowing the importance of having an ‘heir and a spare’ Rose and Allan tried for another son. They were fortunate and they named the new baby Peregrine

03-30-17_3-26-11 AM

Meanwhile, Annis found a most unusual tree had grown up seemingly overnight. Curiously, she entered the hollow in the tree

04-28-17_5-32-47 AM

She came back with a strange seed which she felt was compelling her to eat it. And when, against her better judgement, she did something incredibly odd happened

04-28-17_5-42-04 AM

Peregrine was a happy and active toddler

05-02-17_3-19-18 PM

Keziah doted on him and even when she was with her friends she loved to be around him

When Bartholomew became a teen, he made the most peculiar dietary choice to avoid any meat or fish out of principle

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Keziah’s musical proficiancy was so astounding, some considered her to be a prodigy. Despite beeing a young girl she was already composing her own music

05-02-17_4-50-30 PM

Keziah had a wonderful birthday party

05-02-17_6-17-08 PM

As a teen she was naturally known for her creativity

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The Toddlers Grow Up

Before the funeral proper the Ackleys gathered to mourn Aulus privately

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Bartholomew was an insider who loved socialising and being in groups

03-30-17_2-00-37 AM

Rose taught him to play chess as was now a family tradition

03-22-17_1-37-38 PM

He turned out to have a real aptitude and enjoyment for the game, so much so that Rose and Allan began started inviting other like minded, gently bred children to the house to play and study during the holidays

03-24-17_2-37-47 PM

Allan loved to spend time with his children when he could

03-22-17_2-03-36 PM

But he only did fun things with them. More and more it seemed like a huge part of the childrearing was left to Annis, the unmarried sister. She loved the children but she began to feel a little like an unpaid servant and it really got her down

03-22-17_1-34-32 PM

Little Keziah grew into a child. Although it was obvious she had a keen brain that wasn’t considered important and instead she was pushed to excell in all the arts an accomplished young lady should

03-30-17_2-16-11 AM

When she wasn’t doing that she loved to spend time with her close friends Phoebe and Abeni

03-30-17_2-30-42 AM

Up until now Rose had had success publishing a few poems and short stories but nothing else. When her novel Dorinda; or The Path to Virtue (author: A Lady) was accepted she had thought it the proudest and most exciting day of her life. And now she was able to read an actual, physical copy of her book. Amazing.

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Toddlers Are Fun To Play With

Allan was thrilled at Rose’s news

03-08-17_3-31-42 PM

He was so excited to tell Aulus that evening. The two men had taken to playing cards together of an evening

03-08-17_2-29-12 PM

On the days when he wasn’t working he loved to play with Bartholemew. Both he and Rose were so proud of their son

03-08-17_3-40-17 PM

Rose gave birth to a baby girl who was christened Keziah
(I don’t have any pictures because of that annoying bug where the sim gives birth to nothing. Fortunately, its easy to work around and I just waited three days and then made a toddler)

Annis’ birthday celebration was a quiet, family affair

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Later, as she was an acomplished musician, she played and sang for them

03-09-17_9-56-11 PM

As an adult, Annis was non-committal. The next birthday was Keziah’s. She became a sadly clingy toddler

03-17-17_12-53-36 AM

At first, Bartholomew wanted nothing to do with her

03-17-17_1-01-56 AM

But eventually he warmed up to his sister

03-17-17_1-02-48 AM

But in a tragic turn of events, on the day of Bartholemew’s birthday his grandfather died




…It’s a New Generation

As time went on, fashions changed and technology grew more impressive. People even spoke differently and Royce noticed her name was increasingly pronounced more like Rose. Most of the old house was torn down and replaced with something more in the current style. John left to start a household of his own.

Annis would insist on still practicing Catholism but at least she was content to be educated in all the arts a young lady should know

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Allan found that he was suited to the the business side of land management, as ungenteel as that was. It was very hard work and he was glad to drink vast quantities of an exotic and fashionable new beverage called coffee which kept him energised

03-02-17_6-23-09 PM

He also spent a lot of time practicing various speeches, political and otherwise

03-02-17_5-59-25 PM

Little Bartholomew grew into a rather silly toddler who loved to play with toys

03-06-17_3-42-53 PM

Annis quite liked to take care of him sometimes

03-06-17_4-20-26 PM

Rose would often invite other ladies – and sometimes her brother – round to read and discuss books

03-06-17_2-50-35 PM

Aulus found her friends interesting too and even dared to exchange pleasentries with the eccentric and acerbic Miss Agyei

03-02-17_6-06-21 PM

In the evenings Rose like to settle down at her desk and work on her poetry

03-06-17_4-30-13 PM

And she kept it to herself that soon she would experience an Interesting Event