You’re Living in the Past…

As time went on, Royce became a young woman and discovered a hitherto dormant romantic side


Her birthday celebration was small and though everyone tried to enjoy themselves Fausta’s absence weighed on their minds


Aulus found himself ble to go back to his carpentry, leaving the running of his estate in his children’s hands


Annis grew to a self confidant teenagehood and declared her desire to become a nun. Aulus told her she would have to wait for him to decide on a suitable convent bu secretly he didn’t want her to leave. He was terrified she would disappear like her mother had. In the meantime, Annis chose to live as an anchorite. She was walled up in a room to spend her time in prayer and the study of the Bible


She cleaned up after herself which she had never done before


And limited herself to one meal of plain food per day


Royce was wedded to Allan Howe, a prosperous but common born man who was persuaded to take the family name and live with his wife’s family


It was a more cheerful party than the last and it was good to see old friends and relations again


Annis even left her cell at her sister’s request


The newlyweds were sent off to their bedchamber with rowdy songs and many crude jests. Once alone, Royce embraced her husband. She had been prepred for this day and she was not just willing but eager to do her duty. It did not hurt that Allan was young and handsome as well


She soon settled into life as a married woman


Allan proved to be somewhat obsessed with cleanliness and would even wash dishes himself. But other than that he was a fine addition to the family, a pleasant, cultured man with a shrewd head for business


John grew into a strapping young man with an eye for art. As a knight he would soon leave to join the service of his liege-lord


On a visit to her niece, Aula was thrilled to hear she was pregnant already


As he aged, Aulus’s health grew worse. The worst was when he found himself racked by a disease that caused uncontrollable giggling


As her belly swelled, Royce began her confinement


Despite her young age Annis wrote a collection of religious verses


Royce’s labour was slow and tedious. She found she had both the time and inclination to eat during it


She was certainly calmer than her panicking husband


Finally, she was delivered of a son. He was named Bartholemew and his parents were very proud of him




Well, I’m Back

An explaination. My game kept crashing for a while which naturally meant I couldn’t play. I finally fixed the problem only to discover that Fausta had disapeared. I tried everything I could think of to get her back but it was no good which left me too despirited to play the game for a good while. I considered making a new version of Fausta but I couldn’t remember everything about her and I didn’t want to cheat by making her more skilled than she had been before so I decided to play without her. I miss her though.

Strange as it might seem, the death of Kata drove Fausta and Aulus further into each other’s arms. It was as if the act of making life could make up for the loss of the beloved elder


Tenney was sent to live with Fausta’s relatives to serve as a page. By rights, John should have been sent away too but Aulus whished to keep his heir close.

Aulus had a birthday and realised middle age was upon him


Shortly afterwards Royce grew to teenagehood. She developed a great love for the outdoors and a longing for a family of her own. She began learning more advanced househhold skills


And though it was vanity, she secretly liked to practice her speech and storytelling in  mirror she had installed in the laundry


Fausta gave birth to a little girl who was named Annis


But only a few days after that she disappeared, throwing the household into confusion and dismay. Though they looked high and low none of the search parties returned successful. It was a tragic blow to the whole family

So, Annis grew into childhood in a somber nd dreary household and it was perhaps not surprising that she preferred to spend time alone. She was a strange, quiet little thing and unusually religious for her age


John, too, aged up into teenager with the family mean streak. He desired to be fabulously wealthy  above anything else. He was training to be a knight and he took it seriously


He and Royce tended the garden in their mother’s absence


While Annis loved to fish by herself


Royce was extremely intelligent and she was becoming quite the chess prodigy


Aulus genuinely loved his wife but now to soothe his sorrow he turned to other women. In particular he had dalliances with Mathilda, Lady Broughton and the Widow Coats. Their’s was not a relationship based on love but for a while it allowed him to forget



Some Stuff That Happened

John was learning the basics of reading and writing which was all he would need. Aulus helped him but he sometimes wished Spurius was still there. He would have been much better at helping


When he had free time John liked to play with his sister


Kata spent much of her time in rest and meditation now


Though she would still mentor Aulus when he painted


And when Tenney grew into a cheerful child she loved to spend time with him


Royce was pleased to bump into her Great-Aunt Velbutena and a friend. She liked to meet new family members


And she loved to play chess with her father


Fausta was learning to play the lute.Since she loved music, she’d always wanted to be able to play an instrument


Kata started to behave very strangely, often going out to paint at night


Night was also when the children liked to tell stories although they were supposed to be sleeping


Sadly, Kata’s odd behaviour and loner habits led to her death. One night while she was in the kitchen her dress caught fire and because everyone had gone to bed there was no one to come to her aid.


The entire family went into mourning for Kata had been truly beloved by all

The Elders

Fausta and Aulus had another son who they named Tenney


His grandmother barely got to see him. Soon after he was born she had a premonition of her own death


She had felt her time coming and had tried to make the most of her last days, passing on wisdom to Royce


And laughing and reminiscing with her twin, doing things they hadn’t done since they were both children


With her last breath she begged her husband and eldest don to hide her deth from Kata


They couldn’t of course. Kata did not mourn openly but instead threw herself into tasks Manduorix had once taken joy in


Some time after this Old Aulus had a visitor. It was Eisu.A free man, if still a serf, Eisu had come seeking out the only man he had ever really loved


They talked and talked for hours and seemed to come to an understanding. When Eisu made himself leave both felt as though something had been righted


Aulus died with a smile on his face

Maybe put the furniture further from the lights next time?

The arrival of an heir was so exciting that the family threw a party. It was a wonderful oportunity for the older people to catch up with family members


And for people to get dressed up


Unfortunately a fire in the cellar put somewhat of a dampar on the event


The house was built for warmth but that meant it could often feel cramped. Everyone would be trying to do different things in the same small space


It was nice to get outside. Old Aulus tought his daughter-in-law to dance


John became a child. Like his sister, he wanted to be an artistic prodigy and he was a geek. He and Royce seemed to get on


Kata had them pose for a portrait in honour of John. She proposed to add the baby to the cradle when it was born but she never got round to doing it


Here Beginneth Ye Middyle Ages*

Times changed and the Quercus family found it hard to keep up. Their villa was rebuilt in the latest style and they adopted new fashions to fit in. They also found people kept calling them Acceley or of Acceley because of the oak tree on their land and the name stuck


Hardly had Fausta given birth then she found herself expecting again


The women were fascinated by the new style of dining


Manduorix found that something very strange had happened to her cowplant


But in her old age she found herself giving up the garden and spending more time quietly spinning in the solar


In fact Fausta had come to take on most of the physical work of cooking and gardening



The men still spent most of their time working with wood


Although sometimes young Aulus liked to work with his guild


Kata was very much enjoying herself. She finally got to indulge the music lover in her and was learning to play the lute


And she was very excited to take her first real bath


In time, Royce grew into a rather hot headed little girl who wanted to be an artistic prodigy


And shortly afterwards Fausta was delivered of a healthy young boy



*I’m sorry I’ll never do that again

Generation 3 – The Middle Ages


  • Aspirations
    “Some Medieval Sims found pleasure in amassing great wealth, some strode along the path of art, and some just wanted to see their children grow up.”

    Sims may now also have the Artistic Prodigy, Big Happy Family, Mansion Baron and Painter Extraordinaire aspirations.
  • Careers
    “An increased appreciation for music and art, which were considered signs of exceptional sophistication in the Middle Ages, gave Sims with a talent for such things an opportunity to turn it into more than just a hobby.”

    Male Sims may now also join the Entertainer(Musician branch) and Painter(Patron of the Arts branch) careers. Sims of both genders may now also license written songs. Sims may also now sell potions in a personal store.
  • Romance
    “Though most Medieval Sims found love in one partner, some Sims’ desire for more extended beyond mere material wealth.”

    Male Sims may now have lovers in addition to a marriage.
  • Objects/Furniture
    “Medieval Sims found many new ways to keep themselves entertained, and made sure that their children were given plenty of opportunity to hone the skills they would use later in life.”

    Sims may now also buy and use dolls/bears, kids’ activity tables, monkey bars, pianos, punching bags, horseshoe pits, pumpkin carving stations, dance floors and wishing wells.
  • Other Rules
    “Medieval Sims considered art much too valuable to just be kept in any old room, but that it should instead be available for anyone to see and admire.”

    You may now place a Museum in your chosen World, and Sims may visit it freely. Sims may also now purchase and use reward potions, except for Potion of Youth.


  • Reach level 10 Handiness, Logic and Painting skill on the same Sim – 1 points
  • Paint 10 masterpieces and display them in your house – 2 points
  • Have the same Sim be father/mother to at least 8 children – 2 points
    Children born outside of the actual household also count.
  • Have 2 siblings Practice Fighting with each other – 2 points
  • Have a lot value of 300 000 or more on your challenge lot – 3 points