Meet Aulus senior

I’m hoping to be able to play Gen 2 soon, the house is just taking longer than anticipated. Also, some internet issues meant it took me a while to downoad everything I needed. In the meantime here’re some facts about the second newest member of the family.


His traits are dance machine, family-oriented and good

His aspiration is outdoor enthusiast

I had wanted Manduorix to end up with a game generated npc but there was no one suitable so I had to make Aulus. Like everyone I make for this challenge he is almost completely randomised. Obviously his clothes and hair were changed but the only other changes were to add facial hair, a mole and a scar.

Originally, I wanted to call him Sertor, a very ancient Roman name because he was appearing in prehistoric times. However, I remembered that his daughters and eldest son would be named after him and decided to go with a more common Roman name. His nomen, Villius, is an extremely old one though.


End of an Era

The camp seemed so empty now that so many people had gone. Manduorix and Aulus decided it was time to try for a baby and so they grit their teeth and got on with it


Afterwards they bathed together. They were both in a silly mood


The excitement when it was confirmed Manduorix was pregnant was enormous. Absolutely everyone insisted on feeling her belly

Sadly, En-pap and Ka reached the breaking point. Ka had not forgiven En-pap for sending Tancorix away but she would not back down nor show remorse. The two were now enemies. En-pap was secretly a little bit pleased by the thought she had enough power over someone to make them so angry or unhappy


Even though Kata had mastered painting she was still rather too critical of her own work


He might have left home but Duro still remembered where the best fishing spots were. Although whether he remembered how to fish was another matter…


Manduorix struggled with her pregnancy. Once, her bladder was so full she couldn’t get to the bushes in time and wet herself

(This was her own silly fault for not doing what I told her)

When she went into labour Aulus was the one who began to panic


But he proved to be very helpful keeping Manduorix relaxed and relatively comfortable


Everyone helped out, encouraging and supporting Manduorix. Even Ka and En-pap put aside their differences for their baby girl


Eventually, after a long and tiring labour, Mandorix gave birth to a baby boy. He was named Aulus Vilius after his father




A Very Wordy Post

En-pap was delighted to discover she was pregnant.It wasn’t just that she wanted to leave a legacy but that she knew Ka loved children. This one, she decided, would be hers alone and Ka would have no hand in the raising of it


A lot of important birthdays happened at once. First, little Velbutena became a teen with a huge romantic streak. She found she wanted to be a leader


Then the twins finally reached adulthood. Manduorix joined Duro in being an outdoors lover while Kata turned out to have inherited her mother’s activeness

Velbutena was soon oput to work helping with the garden


En-pap was calm when she went into labour. It was her fourth time and she knew what to do


She had a daughter who she named Tancorix


Manduorix and Velbutena went to the Raven Clan’s camp to meet their new siblings. There Manuorix met a new clan member, a man with the strange name of Aulus Vilius. They got on very well which pleased Manduorix . She was looking for a mate and although she had no interest in love she thought it would be nice to be friends with him


Velbutena and Komindo felt an instant connection

09-18-16_6-35-53 PM.png

And she got on well with the other members of the clan


And so it was agreed; Velbutena would stay with the smaller Raven Clan where she had a higher chance of achieving her ambitions and Aulus would join the Oak Clan.

(Yes, I know Manduorix is roasting a hot dog in this picture. Sometimes my game will glitch and reset the sims and if it happens while they’re roasting fish the fish will disappear. I try to send them back to get another but if the sim is very hungry I figure that they already did the work so it’s not really breaking the rules)

Aulus began to learn how to carve wood


For old times’ sake Manduorix collected a few metals


But mainly she had the garden to herself now


She was allowed to help take care of Tancorix which made her reflect that soon she might be caring for a child of her own. She very much wanted to pass on her bloodline even if it meant doing some messy and boring stuff beforehand


When it was Ka’s turn to clear up the camp En-pap always made sure to leave her rubbish far away from everyone else’s so he would have to walk further


Manduorix and Aulus hashed out their plans for life together. He readily agreed to Manduorix’s suggestion of parenting as friends and nothing else as he longed for a family but had no sexual interest in women


Tancorix grew into a very gluttonous little girl


En-pap and Kata had some mother-daughter bonding time


And then Ka became an elder


Duro had a shocking announcement for his parents. Mal-sal’di’s oldest daughter, Imru, had founded a new clan and Vit’la wanted Duro to become her mate and join it with her. Sanga and Ka were appalled


‘Your own brother shares a mother with that girl’ said Ka but Duro insisted that they were not blood related and so it didn’t matter. He dismissed the fact that En-pap had got a child on Vit’la’s father saying it was a ridiculous claim as he and Tancorix were related by bond not blood. He then revealed that the two of them had fallen in love a long time ago and Vit’la was pregnant by him


Ka and Sanga saw they had no choice but to give their blessing though they did so begrudgingly. But they were horrified and upset when they found En-pap had suggested Tancorix would like to live with her other relatives and had sent her off with Vit’la. En-pap only smiled and said she was sure Tancorix would be very happy and besides, wasn’t the camp getting a bit crowded?




Ka’s Other Children

I thought it would be nice to show off the children Ka has fathered with women other than En-pap and Sanga. Here’s Banna, his son by Mal-sal’di


He’s a teen now but this is what he looked like as a child


Here’s Lugotorix, Ka and Tak’s son

Here are the twins he had by Renn. Komindo

And Kommios

I’ll probably do a few posts like this, keeping track of close family members and showing how they age. Hope you enjoyed!


The day started off bright and early when En-pap insulted Ka’s woohoo techniques in a bid to start an arguement


Ka tried to defuse the situation but she was having none of it


And soon the were both going at it hammer and tongs


Which lead to this


Tensions were now running high in the Oak Clan camp

Meanwhile, Kata spent some time with her younger sister.


Velbutena really liked Kata and she loved to spend time with her. When Manduorix was around she always felt a bit left out though she tride to hide it


And Manduorix had a habit of teasing her


Manduorix herself was resentful of what she saw as Velbutena’s laziness. To her mind, there was no time for sqeamishness when you were trying to survive

Ka was thrilled to hear that he now had a son, Lugotorix, by Tak and girl-boy twins, Komindo and Kommios, by Renn


En-pap was not which was pehaps why she sent a message to Tal asking him to come visit. She was, after all, very attracted to him anyway


He brought his daughter with him. Vit’la really seemed to get on with Duro and Kata

Determined to show Ka how little he meant to her En-pap proceeded to seduce Tal


Some Unconnected but Mostly Noteworthy Events

Duro grew into a teenager and gained a new appreciation for the outdoors


Velbutena managed to get over her sqeamishness for long enough to find a frog


En-pap reached level 10 gardening and completed her aspiration


Renn of the Raven Clan came to visit. She was in a flirty mood


And very soon things were getting hot n heavy between her and Ka


Afterwards, she stayed to chat with Sanga who was glad of the company


Ka achieved level 10 fishing skill and went off to Sylvan Glade. On his very first visit he managed to catch an anglerfish worth 1,546 simoleons!

(I really wish I had a picture of this but unfortunately I was focusing on Sanga at the time)

Sanga became an adult


Now that she was a gardening expert En-pap felt free to try her hand at fishing. Unfortunately, that often meant being near Ka


But Manduorix was pleased because she got to look after the plants


Andoco became a teen and found he had aquired a dislike of children. Then he shocked his mother by telling her that he intended to leave home to live with the Elm Clan who had invited him to join them. He wanted to meet his brother he said


Sylvan Glade

The newly teenaged Manduorix and Kata began to get to know each other better


Kata turned out to be a bit of a snob. Her ambition was to become a leader of the pack. Manduorix, meanwhile, was rather too much like her mother. Not only did they both want to become amazing gardeners but Manduorix had inherited En-pap’s unpleasant streak although it was more muted in her.

Disaster struck at mealtime when Andoco caught on fire. Although he didn’t appear to notice…


His big sisters rescued him

To everyone’s disgust, it turned out that little Velbutena was sqeamish. She hated anything dirty or slimy and fishing filled her with horror. She was at least able to help a little by collecting rocks and metals


Now that she was a teen and more capable of hard work Manduorix took over her father’s job of woodcarving, leaving him free to go back to fishing. She’d have rather worked on the garden though


But he was very happy


One morning, En-pap woke up to find she had grown a very strange plant


She was determined to take good care of it

When Sanga was out she came across a most peculiar tree


Even odder, when she paid the tree some attention it opened up


It wasn’t the wisest idea perhaps but Sanga just had to go inside


The tunnel led to a strange yet beautiful underground area


Sanga immeditately began to fish in the pond. Soon she was catching all manner of new fish not to mention some plants she had never seen before


Eventually, her bladder forced her home. There she found everyone except En-pap was asleep. She excitedly told her about what she had discovered and gave her the pomegranates. En-pap was delighted and made Sanga promise to bring back any more new plants she might come across


Kata had taken up painting and found she liked it even more than fishing


While chatting one day Manduorix showed her mean side by giving Sanga some fake bad news. She and En-pap  thought it was hilarious when Sanga got really upset


But En-pap herself was about to have an awful time. Although she and Ka had made no promises to sleep exclusively with each other – Sanga was the proof of that – it still hurt more than she could have thought when he brought home Tak and took her to his tent. She realised she had fallen for him hard.


There and then, En-pap swore to make Ka as unhappy as she was now