Early Civilisation – How Did I Do?

Not very well really

  • Reach level 10 Charisma, Painting and Writing skill on the same Sim – 1 points
    Kata achieved this one
  • Earn 5 000 simoleons from playing music for tips – 2 points
    Nope. I feel like this might have been easier if I wasn’t on a laptop as the loading times for travel are very offputting
  • Earn a gold medal on a house party, with the maximum number of guests – 2 points
    I got this just in time with Aulus and Rutilia’s ‘wedding’ (which was actually a house party in disguise)
  • Display at least 100 unique in-game collectibles on your challenge lot – 2 points
    94 – so near and yet so far
  • Have the same Sim write 10 books of Bestseller quality – 3 points
    Honestly I’m convinced this one is impossible. Or more likely I was just unlucky

As well as reaching level 10 in 3 skills Kata completed the Leader of the Pack aspiration and painted a family portrait. Aulus senior maxed handiness. Edit: Aula completed the Social Butterfly aspiration: so glad that’s out of the way


The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire

Soon after she was grown, Aula was married to  her cousin Bannus


The Quercuses threw a party to celebrate the birthdays of Kata, Manduorix and both Auluses

And soon after that they threw a lavish ceremony for the wedding of Aulus junior and Fausta Rutilia. Manduorix and Aulus were pleased to have got their son a bride from such a prominent family


No one said anything but many of the guests noticed that Fausta seemed a little…large


Fausta set about making herself agreeable. She got to know the other members of the family and made no mention at all of Kata’s wig (Kata having turned out to be surprisingly vain)


And she worked hard


Soon (remarkably soon) she gave birth to a little girl named Royce


Another Short One

Although the mystery cult Kata lead met a night and kept their goings on very hushed up,  their rituals were generally pretty normal. They would usually make a sacrifice and then sing hymns or dance in praise of Diana


Of course, not everything that went on was strictly orthodox


The twins came of age. Aula was a genius who wanted to befriend the world while Spurius love the outdoors and wanted to amass a great fortune. He was going to go into politics and so he had gone to the army as a tribune


Aula threw herself into learning skills around the house. She would soon be married and she wanted to be prepared for it


Although she still had time to dance with her mother


Kata started to teach Aulus junior how to paint


Aulus found that with his eldest child spending more and more time doing woodwork he was back to his old routine of fishing. He didn’t mind


One day when Eisu was round he realised that he had to be honest about his feelings. He told Eisu how being with him was the happiest part of his life and that he wanted him to be more than someone he just woohooed with


Eisu stood there for a long time and then smiled sadly. “You know it can’t be that way, dominus“. Then he left and Aulus knew he would not see him again


He waited until he was alone to cry



Checking Up on the Family Again

This is another post where we catch up on family members who aren’t in the active household

Here’s Duro and Vit’la


They have a son named Gaius who’s a teenager now and has a wife called Iulia


Andoco is married to the eldest Vopisca Gratia

Bizarrly and creepily Tak and Tal married Banna and Velbutena respectively (story progression is to be blamed for this not me)

Banna and Tal have a son named Bannus


Lugotorix is married to a woman called Cornelia Longina. They have just had twins, Hilaria Major and Hilaria Minor

Komindo married Gaius Celsus a senior centurion

While still a teenager Kommios had joined the army but not before marrying his sweetheart Tiberia Avila. Theirs is a strained relationship as she wants children but he doesn’t

And finally Tancorix is also a military wife. She’s just married Vopiscus Gratius

Another Loss

Aulus loved spending time with Eisu simply because, as he told himself repeatedly, the man was very handsome. There was nothing else to it


Aula and Spurius grew into young children. Aula was a geek while Spurius had inherited the love of the outdoors that ran in the family


They were soon working hard to keep the household running


Kata met Tancorix at the library. She was so thrilled to connect with her youngest sibling and find out about her life


The family were sitting down to a meal when Sanga suddenly collapsed. She never woke up


She was mourned by everyone but no one took it harder than En-pap who had known her for so long and loved her so much


Aula did her best to console her grandmother who she was very close to


And Aulus meanwhile continued to deny that although the point of Eisu was to be used the time they spent just talking was the highlight of their…sessions


Everyday Life

Manduorix found her pregnancy confirmed in the most unpleasant way possible


Kata became the new priestess of the mystery cult she belonged to. They followed Diana and so only unmarried women were allowed to join


Sanga went out to play music for money


Aulus went as her escort. He bumped into Eisu, a slave of the Rutilius family and found himself drawn to the man’s exotic appearance


He also made an unusual new friend


The family threw a huge joint birthday celebration for Manduorix, Kata and Aulus who became adults and En-pap who became an elder


Kata and Manduorix were just happy to be able to spend some time together


Manduorix’s labour was long but not as painful as the first. Still she was glad to have her mother by her side


She was hugely disapointed when the baby was a girl – until she realised that her labour wasn’t quite over. She gave birth to twins, a boy and a girl and presented them to Aulus to see if he would accept them


Naturally he did and they were named Aula and Spurius

En-pap found herself becoming closer to Sanga in her old age. They both agreed that things were better in the old days. And in some ways they were right perhaps. They had certainly had more freedom and female children were seen as something wonderful not a burden.