An Update At last

I haven’t updated recently because I’ve been unwell for a long time but hopefully I’ll be able get back to posting now.

Knowing the importance of having an ‘heir and a spare’ Rose and Allan tried for another son. They were fortunate and they named the new baby Peregrine

03-30-17_3-26-11 AM

Meanwhile, Annis found a most unusual tree had grown up seemingly overnight. Curiously, she entered the hollow in the tree

04-28-17_5-32-47 AM

She came back with a strange seed which she felt was compelling her to eat it. And when, against her better judgement, she did something incredibly odd happened

04-28-17_5-42-04 AM

Peregrine was a happy and active toddler

05-02-17_3-19-18 PM

Keziah doted on him and even when she was with her friends she loved to be around him

When Bartholomew became a teen, he made the most peculiar dietary choice to avoid any meat or fish out of principle

05-02-17_4-52-30 PM

Keziah’s musical proficiancy was so astounding, some considered her to be a prodigy. Despite beeing a young girl she was already composing her own music

05-02-17_4-50-30 PM

Keziah had a wonderful birthday party

05-02-17_6-17-08 PM

As a teen she was naturally known for her creativity

05-03-17_4-40-43 PM


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