The Toddlers Grow Up

Before the funeral proper the Ackleys gathered to mourn Aulus privately

03-22-17_2-30-33 PM

Bartholomew was an insider who loved socialising and being in groups

03-30-17_2-00-37 AM

Rose taught him to play chess as was now a family tradition

03-22-17_1-37-38 PM

He turned out to have a real aptitude and enjoyment for the game, so much so that Rose and Allan began started inviting other like minded, gently bred children to the house to play and study during the holidays

03-24-17_2-37-47 PM

Allan loved to spend time with his children when he could

03-22-17_2-03-36 PM

But he only did fun things with them. More and more it seemed like a huge part of the childrearing was left to Annis, the unmarried sister. She loved the children but she began to feel a little like an unpaid servant and it really got her down

03-22-17_1-34-32 PM

Little Keziah grew into a child. Although it was obvious she had a keen brain that wasn’t considered important and instead she was pushed to excell in all the arts an accomplished young lady should

03-30-17_2-16-11 AM

When she wasn’t doing that she loved to spend time with her close friends Phoebe and Abeni

03-30-17_2-30-42 AM

Up until now Rose had had success publishing a few poems and short stories but nothing else. When her novel Dorinda; or The Path to Virtue (author: A Lady) was accepted she had thought it the proudest and most exciting day of her life. And now she was able to read an actual, physical copy of her book. Amazing.

03-30-17_3-45-08 AM


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