Toddlers Are Fun To Play With

Allan was thrilled at Rose’s news

03-08-17_3-31-42 PM

He was so excited to tell Aulus that evening. The two men had taken to playing cards together of an evening

03-08-17_2-29-12 PM

On the days when he wasn’t working he loved to play with Bartholemew. Both he and Rose were so proud of their son

03-08-17_3-40-17 PM

Rose gave birth to a baby girl who was christened Keziah
(I don’t have any pictures because of that annoying bug where the sim gives birth to nothing. Fortunately, its easy to work around and I just waited three days and then made a toddler)

Annis’ birthday celebration was a quiet, family affair

03-09-17_9-54-12 PM

Later, as she was an acomplished musician, she played and sang for them

03-09-17_9-56-11 PM

As an adult, Annis was non-committal. The next birthday was Keziah’s. She became a sadly clingy toddler

03-17-17_12-53-36 AM

At first, Bartholomew wanted nothing to do with her

03-17-17_1-01-56 AM

But eventually he warmed up to his sister

03-17-17_1-02-48 AM

But in a tragic turn of events, on the day of Bartholemew’s birthday his grandfather died





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