You’re Living in the Past…

As time went on, Royce became a young woman and discovered a hitherto dormant romantic side


Her birthday celebration was small and though everyone tried to enjoy themselves Fausta’s absence weighed on their minds


Aulus found himself ble to go back to his carpentry, leaving the running of his estate in his children’s hands


Annis grew to a self confidant teenagehood and declared her desire to become a nun. Aulus told her she would have to wait for him to decide on a suitable convent bu secretly he didn’t want her to leave. He was terrified she would disappear like her mother had. In the meantime, Annis chose to live as an anchorite. She was walled up in a room to spend her time in prayer and the study of the Bible


She cleaned up after herself which she had never done before


And limited herself to one meal of plain food per day


Royce was wedded to Allan Howe, a prosperous but common born man who was persuaded to take the family name and live with his wife’s family


It was a more cheerful party than the last and it was good to see old friends and relations again


Annis even left her cell at her sister’s request


The newlyweds were sent off to their bedchamber with rowdy songs and many crude jests. Once alone, Royce embraced her husband. She had been prepred for this day and she was not just willing but eager to do her duty. It did not hurt that Allan was young and handsome as well


She soon settled into life as a married woman


Allan proved to be somewhat obsessed with cleanliness and would even wash dishes himself. But other than that he was a fine addition to the family, a pleasant, cultured man with a shrewd head for business


John grew into a strapping young man with an eye for art. As a knight he would soon leave to join the service of his liege-lord


On a visit to her niece, Aula was thrilled to hear she was pregnant already


As he aged, Aulus’s health grew worse. The worst was when he found himself racked by a disease that caused uncontrollable giggling


As her belly swelled, Royce began her confinement


Despite her young age Annis wrote a collection of religious verses


Royce’s labour was slow and tedious. She found she had both the time and inclination to eat during it


She was certainly calmer than her panicking husband


Finally, she was delivered of a son. He was named Bartholemew and his parents were very proud of him




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