The Middle Ages – How Did I Do?


  • Reach level 10 Handiness, Logic and Painting skill on the same Sim – 1 points
    Yes, Aulus managed this
  • Paint 10 masterpieces and display them in your house – 2 points
    Yes, Kata and Aulus achieved this together
  • Have the same Sim be father/mother to at least 8 children – 2 points
    Technically no but I’m going to give myself this one because if the babies hadn’t kept disappearing Aulus would have achieved this
  • Have 2 siblings Practice Fighting with each other – 2 points
    No, I couldn’t seem to get them to do it. I guess Royce didn’t have enough fitnrss skill
  • Have a lot value of 300 000 or more on your challenge lot – 3 points

Points – 8

In addition to this I earned a gold medal on three birthday parities and a wedding and Kata painted a family portrait. I also set up a family graveyard (I will exclude Fausta from this challenge because there’s no way for her to have an urn)


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