Well, I’m Back

An explaination. My game kept crashing for a while which naturally meant I couldn’t play. I finally fixed the problem only to discover that Fausta had disapeared. I tried everything I could think of to get her back but it was no good which left me too despirited to play the game for a good while. I considered making a new version of Fausta but I couldn’t remember everything about her and I didn’t want to cheat by making her more skilled than she had been before so I decided to play without her. I miss her though.

Strange as it might seem, the death of Kata drove Fausta and Aulus further into each other’s arms. It was as if the act of making life could make up for the loss of the beloved elder


Tenney was sent to live with Fausta’s relatives to serve as a page. By rights, John should have been sent away too but Aulus whished to keep his heir close.

Aulus had a birthday and realised middle age was upon him


Shortly afterwards Royce grew to teenagehood. She developed a great love for the outdoors and a longing for a family of her own. She began learning more advanced househhold skills


And though it was vanity, she secretly liked to practice her speech and storytelling in  mirror she had installed in the laundry


Fausta gave birth to a little girl who was named Annis


But only a few days after that she disappeared, throwing the household into confusion and dismay. Though they looked high and low none of the search parties returned successful. It was a tragic blow to the whole family

So, Annis grew into childhood in a somber nd dreary household and it was perhaps not surprising that she preferred to spend time alone. She was a strange, quiet little thing and unusually religious for her age


John, too, aged up into teenager with the family mean streak. He desired to be fabulously wealthy  above anything else. He was training to be a knight and he took it seriously


He and Royce tended the garden in their mother’s absence


While Annis loved to fish by herself


Royce was extremely intelligent and she was becoming quite the chess prodigy


Aulus genuinely loved his wife but now to soothe his sorrow he turned to other women. In particular he had dalliances with Mathilda, Lady Broughton and the Widow Coats. Their’s was not a relationship based on love but for a while it allowed him to forget




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