Some Stuff That Happened

John was learning the basics of reading and writing which was all he would need. Aulus helped him but he sometimes wished Spurius was still there. He would have been much better at helping


When he had free time John liked to play with his sister


Kata spent much of her time in rest and meditation now


Though she would still mentor Aulus when he painted


And when Tenney grew into a cheerful child she loved to spend time with him


Royce was pleased to bump into her Great-Aunt Velbutena and a friend. She liked to meet new family members


And she loved to play chess with her father


Fausta was learning to play the lute.Since she loved music, she’d always wanted to be able to play an instrument


Kata started to behave very strangely, often going out to paint at night


Night was also when the children liked to tell stories although they were supposed to be sleeping


Sadly, Kata’s odd behaviour and loner habits led to her death. One night while she was in the kitchen her dress caught fire and because everyone had gone to bed there was no one to come to her aid.


The entire family went into mourning for Kata had been truly beloved by all


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