The Elders

Fausta and Aulus had another son who they named Tenney


His grandmother barely got to see him. Soon after he was born she had a premonition of her own death


She had felt her time coming and had tried to make the most of her last days, passing on wisdom to Royce


And laughing and reminiscing with her twin, doing things they hadn’t done since they were both children


With her last breath she begged her husband and eldest don to hide her deth from Kata


They couldn’t of course. Kata did not mourn openly but instead threw herself into tasks Manduorix had once taken joy in


Some time after this Old Aulus had a visitor. It was Eisu.A free man, if still a serf, Eisu had come seeking out the only man he had ever really loved


They talked and talked for hours and seemed to come to an understanding. When Eisu made himself leave both felt as though something had been righted


Aulus died with a smile on his face


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