Here Beginneth Ye Middyle Ages*

Times changed and the Quercus family found it hard to keep up. Their villa was rebuilt in the latest style and they adopted new fashions to fit in. They also found people kept calling them Acceley or of Acceley because of the oak tree on their land and the name stuck


Hardly had Fausta given birth then she found herself expecting again


The women were fascinated by the new style of dining


Manduorix found that something very strange had happened to her cowplant


But in her old age she found herself giving up the garden and spending more time quietly spinning in the solar


In fact Fausta had come to take on most of the physical work of cooking and gardening



The men still spent most of their time working with wood


Although sometimes young Aulus liked to work with his guild


Kata was very much enjoying herself. She finally got to indulge the music lover in her and was learning to play the lute


And she was very excited to take her first real bath


In time, Royce grew into a rather hot headed little girl who wanted to be an artistic prodigy


And shortly afterwards Fausta was delivered of a healthy young boy



*I’m sorry I’ll never do that again


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