Generation 3 – The Middle Ages


  • Aspirations
    “Some Medieval Sims found pleasure in amassing great wealth, some strode along the path of art, and some just wanted to see their children grow up.”

    Sims may now also have the Artistic Prodigy, Big Happy Family, Mansion Baron and Painter Extraordinaire aspirations.
  • Careers
    “An increased appreciation for music and art, which were considered signs of exceptional sophistication in the Middle Ages, gave Sims with a talent for such things an opportunity to turn it into more than just a hobby.”

    Male Sims may now also join the Entertainer(Musician branch) and Painter(Patron of the Arts branch) careers. Sims of both genders may now also license written songs. Sims may also now sell potions in a personal store.
  • Romance
    “Though most Medieval Sims found love in one partner, some Sims’ desire for more extended beyond mere material wealth.”

    Male Sims may now have lovers in addition to a marriage.
  • Objects/Furniture
    “Medieval Sims found many new ways to keep themselves entertained, and made sure that their children were given plenty of opportunity to hone the skills they would use later in life.”

    Sims may now also buy and use dolls/bears, kids’ activity tables, monkey bars, pianos, punching bags, horseshoe pits, pumpkin carving stations, dance floors and wishing wells.
  • Other Rules
    “Medieval Sims considered art much too valuable to just be kept in any old room, but that it should instead be available for anyone to see and admire.”

    You may now place a Museum in your chosen World, and Sims may visit it freely. Sims may also now purchase and use reward potions, except for Potion of Youth.


  • Reach level 10 Handiness, Logic and Painting skill on the same Sim – 1 points
  • Paint 10 masterpieces and display them in your house – 2 points
  • Have the same Sim be father/mother to at least 8 children – 2 points
    Children born outside of the actual household also count.
  • Have 2 siblings Practice Fighting with each other – 2 points
  • Have a lot value of 300 000 or more on your challenge lot – 3 points

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