Early Civilisation – How Did I Do?

Not very well really

  • Reach level 10 Charisma, Painting and Writing skill on the same Sim – 1 points
    Kata achieved this one
  • Earn 5 000 simoleons from playing music for tips – 2 points
    Nope. I feel like this might have been easier if I wasn’t on a laptop as the loading times for travel are very offputting
  • Earn a gold medal on a house party, with the maximum number of guests – 2 points
    I got this just in time with Aulus and Rutilia’s ‘wedding’ (which was actually a house party in disguise)
  • Display at least 100 unique in-game collectibles on your challenge lot – 2 points
    94 – so near and yet so far
  • Have the same Sim write 10 books of Bestseller quality – 3 points
    Honestly I’m convinced this one is impossible. Or more likely I was just unlucky

As well as reaching level 10 in 3 skills Kata completed the Leader of the Pack aspiration and painted a family portrait. Aulus senior maxed handiness. Edit: Aula completed the Social Butterfly aspiration: so glad that’s out of the way


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