Another Short One

Although the mystery cult Kata lead met a night and kept their goings on very hushed up,  their rituals were generally pretty normal. They would usually make a sacrifice and then sing hymns or dance in praise of Diana


Of course, not everything that went on was strictly orthodox


The twins came of age. Aula was a genius who wanted to befriend the world while Spurius love the outdoors and wanted to amass a great fortune. He was going to go into politics and so he had gone to the army as a tribune


Aula threw herself into learning skills around the house. She would soon be married and she wanted to be prepared for it


Although she still had time to dance with her mother


Kata started to teach Aulus junior how to paint


Aulus found that with his eldest child spending more and more time doing woodwork he was back to his old routine of fishing. He didn’t mind


One day when Eisu was round he realised that he had to be honest about his feelings. He told Eisu how being with him was the happiest part of his life and that he wanted him to be more than someone he just woohooed with


Eisu stood there for a long time and then smiled sadly. “You know it can’t be that way, dominus“. Then he left and Aulus knew he would not see him again


He waited until he was alone to cry




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