A Short Post

Aulus became a teenager and took up learning how to play


Spurius was very clever and loved to learn. He thrived at school


Aula meanwhile showed herself to be friendly and sociable. Everyone she met loved her


Aulus senior visited the library at a time when just by coincidence Faustus happened to be there. The man would not be happy if he found out that Aulus was teaching his slave to play chess


At home he was teaching his eldest son woodworking


En-pap refused to become a frail old woman. She threw herself into her exercise despite the warnings that she should take it easy


One mornng she was found drowned in the bath


Not everyone mourned for her for she had been deeply cruel at times. Manduorix had never quite managed to forgive her for sending Tancorix away. But Kata still loved her dearly and Aula had considered her grandmother her best friend


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