Checking Up on the Family Again

This is another post where we catch up on family members who aren’t in the active household

Here’s Duro and Vit’la


They have a son named Gaius who’s a teenager now and has a wife called Iulia


Andoco is married to the eldest Vopisca Gratia

Bizarrly and creepily Tak and Tal married Banna and Velbutena respectively (story progression is to be blamed for this not me)

Banna and Tal have a son named Bannus


Lugotorix is married to a woman called Cornelia Longina. They have just had twins, Hilaria Major and Hilaria Minor

Komindo married Gaius Celsus a senior centurion

While still a teenager Kommios had joined the army but not before marrying his sweetheart Tiberia Avila. Theirs is a strained relationship as she wants children but he doesn’t

And finally Tancorix is also a military wife. She’s just married Vopiscus Gratius


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