Another Loss

Aulus loved spending time with Eisu simply because, as he told himself repeatedly, the man was very handsome. There was nothing else to it


Aula and Spurius grew into young children. Aula was a geek while Spurius had inherited the love of the outdoors that ran in the family


They were soon working hard to keep the household running


Kata met Tancorix at the library. She was so thrilled to connect with her youngest sibling and find out about her life


The family were sitting down to a meal when Sanga suddenly collapsed. She never woke up


She was mourned by everyone but no one took it harder than En-pap who had known her for so long and loved her so much


Aula did her best to console her grandmother who she was very close to


And Aulus meanwhile continued to deny that although the point of Eisu was to be used the time they spent just talking was the highlight of their…sessions



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