Everyday Life

Manduorix found her pregnancy confirmed in the most unpleasant way possible


Kata became the new priestess of the mystery cult she belonged to. They followed Diana and so only unmarried women were allowed to join


Sanga went out to play music for money


Aulus went as her escort. He bumped into Eisu, a slave of the Rutilius family and found himself drawn to the man’s exotic appearance


He also made an unusual new friend


The family threw a huge joint birthday celebration for Manduorix, Kata and Aulus who became adults and En-pap who became an elder


Kata and Manduorix were just happy to be able to spend some time together


Manduorix’s labour was long but not as painful as the first. Still she was glad to have her mother by her side


She was hugely disapointed when the baby was a girl – until she realised that her labour wasn’t quite over. She gave birth to twins, a boy and a girl and presented them to Aulus to see if he would accept them


Naturally he did and they were named Aula and Spurius

En-pap found herself becoming closer to Sanga in her old age. They both agreed that things were better in the old days. And in some ways they were right perhaps. They had certainly had more freedom and female children were seen as something wonderful not a burden.




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