The Cycle of Life

Everyone was eager to get to know young Aulus


But something was troubling his father. He told Manduorix that he really felt they should be married for appearences sake. She agreed and they put on a show of happiness. Actually, neither of them minded that much as they had come to be good friends.



The wedding was a small affair, family members only



Aulus junior was astonished to learn he had an aunt barely older than himself


The next day Ka got to know his new son-in-law properly over a newfanled game called chess


Soon, Sanga became an elder


En-pap grumbled that she would never get used to exercising indoors


Aulus went to meet with the the fathers of potential future wives for his son. There were two families he was particularly interested in. The first was the extremely wealthy and powerful Rutilius family


He was very nervous to meet with Faustus Rutilius the paterfamilias and wanted to make a good impression


Aulus Junior got talking to Fausta, the only daughter of the family. Faustus and his wife Lucia had been blessed with three sons


But he soon grew bored and ran off to look for frogs


Next up was the family of Vopiscus Gratius who were less well off but still prosperous and respectable. They had three daughters and the younger two were around Aulus’s age. Vopisca Prima, the eldest belonged to the same mystery cult as Kata


Aulus found he got on well with Vopiscas Secunda and Tertia


That night he made a strange discovery under his bed


There was some debate over Aulus junior’s schooling. Manduorix thought he should be put to work, fishing perhaps, or helping in the garden. Aulus senior disagreed. He thought his son should become an educated man. This led to a lot of arguments but they eventually compromised and had him attend school every other day


The day after Aulus had gone visiting the family experienced a tragic loss when Ka slipped peacefully into death early in the morning. But not everyone was unhappy


En-pap was delighted and her only regret was that her children were sad. Manduorix was devastated in fact. She was so distrought she could barely work


Ka’s death made Aulus think deeply about the fragility of life. As he explained to Manduorix not only could he die at any time but so could their son and the family would be left without a paterfamilias. Manduorix pointed out that he didn’t have to go through preganacy and labour but in the end she agreed to it


“If it turns out to be a girl, Kata can have the next one”


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