Yes, I’m finally ready to continue this challenge. Sorry I took so long. For generation Two I’ve chosen to do the Roman Empire for two resons.

  1. Looking at what CC is available Rome looks easiest to make
  2. The Roman Empire covered a huge amount of land throughtout Africa, Asia and Europe which means that my racially diverse sims will fit right in

Rules and goals:

  • Aspirations
    “Sims in Early Civilization had started to discover the value of both friendships and material goods, and dedicated much of their time to the acquisition of both.”

    Sims may now also have the Fabulously Wealthy, Friend of the World, Party Animal and The Curator aspirations.
  • Careers
    “With the comfort of a strong community, Early Civilization Sims could allow themselves to pledge their skills to other Sims, in exchange for goods and simoleons.”

    Male Sims may now also join the Manual Labor career. Both genders may also play music for tips, but may not license written songs. Sims may also now sell books, and may now open a personal store to do so, but they may not hire employees. Only Male Sims are allowed to manage personal stores. Sims may not publish books, only sell them directly from their inventory or through a store.
  • Romance
    “Early Civilization Sims did not feel as much pressure to produce offspring, thanks to the protection granted by the community, so they could instead settle down with someone they connected with on a much deeper level.”

    Sims may now get married, but may not have multiple lovers. They may not divorce, but may remarry if their spouse dies. Female Sims may only get remarried to a brother of the husband.
  • Objects/Furniture
    “The ever-increasing intelligence of the Early Civilization Sims resulted in a number of new inventions, all contributing to a more comfortable life for Sims everywhere.”

    Sims may now also buy and use beds, chess tables, bathtubs, bookshelves, grills, flame-based lights, notebooks, refrigerators, sinks, stoves, toilets, violins, incense holders and saunas.
    If you didn’t download the notebook mod, your Sims may use a computer instead, but only for writing.
  • Other Rules
    “Once books had become the main method for acquiring and storing information, Sims dedicated entire buildings to the collection of them, to further increase the availability of knowledge to each and every Sim.”

    You may now place a Library in your chosen World, and Sims may visit it freely.


  • Reach level 10 Charisma, Painting and Writing skill on the same Sim – 1 points
  • Earn 5 000 simoleons from playing music for tips – 2 points
  • Earn a gold medal on a house party, with the maximum number of guests – 2 points
  • Display at least 100 unique in-game collectibles on your challenge lot – 2 points
    Time-limited collectibles, such as Easter Eggs, do not count.
  • Have the same Sim write 10 books of Bestseller quality – 3 points

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