A New Life

The Oak clan were rolling in wealth and so they decided it was time to change with the times and build themselves a fancy country house. They even changed their name to Quercus to fit in better.

(Thanks to my wonderful sister for building it for me)

Kata, who was a creative soul, went straight for the spinning wheel


While Manduorix was more excited by the kitchen


And everyone loved these new ‘toilet’ things


Sanga felt like it was time to visit the bathouse. It was so beautiful and there was so much stuff in it that she felt rather nervous


The next day, the household threw a party to celebrate their new surroundings


Everyone ended up gathered around the atrium pool


Their new social roles were still something the Quercus clan was struggling with. Ka saw nothing wrog with cleaning things when they got dirty


Aulus began to wonder if they could still sustain themselves or if he would need to work for someone


But for now the garden seemed lucrative enough


And there was time for idle pleasures. En-pap took up painting


While Sanga learned how to play an instrument which made her very popular


It seemed like no time at all had passed when all of a sudden Aulus junior became a child. He was given a bulla, an amulet to ward off evil and the family began to wonder just what should be done with him.



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