Meet Aulus senior

I’m hoping to be able to play Gen 2 soon, the house is just taking longer than anticipated. Also, some internet issues meant it took me a while to downoad everything I needed. In the meantime here’re some facts about the second newest member of the family.


His traits are dance machine, family-oriented and good

His aspiration is outdoor enthusiast

I had wanted Manduorix to end up with a game generated npc but there was no one suitable so I had to make Aulus. Like everyone I make for this challenge he is almost completely randomised. Obviously his clothes and hair were changed but the only other changes were to add facial hair, a mole and a scar.

Originally, I wanted to call him Sertor, a very ancient Roman name because he was appearing in prehistoric times. However, I remembered that his daughters and eldest son would be named after him and decided to go with a more common Roman name. His nomen, Villius, is an extremely old one though.


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