Prehistory: How Did I Do?

The goals for this era were:

  • Reach level 10 Fishing, Gardening and Handiness skill on the same Sim – 1 points
    Nope – I didn’t even try to get this one
  • Earn 20 000 simoleons from selling rocks, fossils, frogs and/or woodwork – 2 points
    This was easy. I gave up tallying after reaching 36,646 simoleons
  • Have the same Sim have children with at least 5 different Sims – 2 points
    Yes, Ka had children with En-pap, Sanga, Mal-sal’di, Tak and Renn
  • Catch an Anglerfish worth at least 1500 simoleons – 2 points
    Yes, Ka caught one worth 1546 simoleons
  • Have no family member die of anything other than Old Age – 3 points
    No one has died yet so yes

This brings my total to 9 points

In addition, Ka earned a gold medal on a date, multiple sims mastered fishing, En-pap achieved the Freelance Botanist aspiration and mastered gardening amd Kata mastered painting and painted a portrait of En-pap, Ka, Sanga, Duro, Andoco and Velbutena which all adds towards the overall goals.

I will be taking a short break before I begin gen 2


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