End of an Era

The camp seemed so empty now that so many people had gone. Manduorix and Aulus decided it was time to try for a baby and so they grit their teeth and got on with it


Afterwards they bathed together. They were both in a silly mood


The excitement when it was confirmed Manduorix was pregnant was enormous. Absolutely everyone insisted on feeling her belly

Sadly, En-pap and Ka reached the breaking point. Ka had not forgiven En-pap for sending Tancorix away but she would not back down nor show remorse. The two were now enemies. En-pap was secretly a little bit pleased by the thought she had enough power over someone to make them so angry or unhappy


Even though Kata had mastered painting she was still rather too critical of her own work


He might have left home but Duro still remembered where the best fishing spots were. Although whether he remembered how to fish was another matter…


Manduorix struggled with her pregnancy. Once, her bladder was so full she couldn’t get to the bushes in time and wet herself

(This was her own silly fault for not doing what I told her)

When she went into labour Aulus was the one who began to panic


But he proved to be very helpful keeping Manduorix relaxed and relatively comfortable


Everyone helped out, encouraging and supporting Manduorix. Even Ka and En-pap put aside their differences for their baby girl


Eventually, after a long and tiring labour, Mandorix gave birth to a baby boy. He was named Aulus Vilius after his father





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