A Very Wordy Post

En-pap was delighted to discover she was pregnant.It wasn’t just that she wanted to leave a legacy but that she knew Ka loved children. This one, she decided, would be hers alone and Ka would have no hand in the raising of it


A lot of important birthdays happened at once. First, little Velbutena became a teen with a huge romantic streak. She found she wanted to be a leader


Then the twins finally reached adulthood. Manduorix joined Duro in being an outdoors lover while Kata turned out to have inherited her mother’s activeness

Velbutena was soon oput to work helping with the garden


En-pap was calm when she went into labour. It was her fourth time and she knew what to do


She had a daughter who she named Tancorix


Manduorix and Velbutena went to the Raven Clan’s camp to meet their new siblings. There Manuorix met a new clan member, a man with the strange name of Aulus Vilius. They got on very well which pleased Manduorix . She was looking for a mate and although she had no interest in love she thought it would be nice to be friends with him


Velbutena and Komindo felt an instant connection

09-18-16_6-35-53 PM.png

And she got on well with the other members of the clan


And so it was agreed; Velbutena would stay with the smaller Raven Clan where she had a higher chance of achieving her ambitions and Aulus would join the Oak Clan.

(Yes, I know Manduorix is roasting a hot dog in this picture. Sometimes my game will glitch and reset the sims and if it happens while they’re roasting fish the fish will disappear. I try to send them back to get another but if the sim is very hungry I figure that they already did the work so it’s not really breaking the rules)

Aulus began to learn how to carve wood


For old times’ sake Manduorix collected a few metals


But mainly she had the garden to herself now


She was allowed to help take care of Tancorix which made her reflect that soon she might be caring for a child of her own. She very much wanted to pass on her bloodline even if it meant doing some messy and boring stuff beforehand


When it was Ka’s turn to clear up the camp En-pap always made sure to leave her rubbish far away from everyone else’s so he would have to walk further


Manduorix and Aulus hashed out their plans for life together. He readily agreed to Manduorix’s suggestion of parenting as friends and nothing else as he longed for a family but had no sexual interest in women


Tancorix grew into a very gluttonous little girl


En-pap and Kata had some mother-daughter bonding time


And then Ka became an elder


Duro had a shocking announcement for his parents. Mal-sal’di’s oldest daughter, Imru, had founded a new clan and Vit’la wanted Duro to become her mate and join it with her. Sanga and Ka were appalled


‘Your own brother shares a mother with that girl’ said Ka but Duro insisted that they were not blood related and so it didn’t matter. He dismissed the fact that En-pap had got a child on Vit’la’s father saying it was a ridiculous claim as he and Tancorix were related by bond not blood. He then revealed that the two of them had fallen in love a long time ago and Vit’la was pregnant by him


Ka and Sanga saw they had no choice but to give their blessing though they did so begrudgingly. But they were horrified and upset when they found En-pap had suggested Tancorix would like to live with her other relatives and had sent her off with Vit’la. En-pap only smiled and said she was sure Tancorix would be very happy and besides, wasn’t the camp getting a bit crowded?





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