The day started off bright and early when En-pap insulted Ka’s woohoo techniques in a bid to start an arguement


Ka tried to defuse the situation but she was having none of it


And soon the were both going at it hammer and tongs


Which lead to this


Tensions were now running high in the Oak Clan camp

Meanwhile, Kata spent some time with her younger sister.


Velbutena really liked Kata and she loved to spend time with her. When Manduorix was around she always felt a bit left out though she tride to hide it


And Manduorix had a habit of teasing her


Manduorix herself was resentful of what she saw as Velbutena’s laziness. To her mind, there was no time for sqeamishness when you were trying to survive

Ka was thrilled to hear that he now had a son, Lugotorix, by Tak and girl-boy twins, Komindo and Kommios, by Renn


En-pap was not which was pehaps why she sent a message to Tal asking him to come visit. She was, after all, very attracted to him anyway


He brought his daughter with him. Vit’la really seemed to get on with Duro and Kata

Determined to show Ka how little he meant to her En-pap proceeded to seduce Tal



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