Some Unconnected but Mostly Noteworthy Events

Duro grew into a teenager and gained a new appreciation for the outdoors


Velbutena managed to get over her sqeamishness for long enough to find a frog


En-pap reached level 10 gardening and completed her aspiration


Renn of the Raven Clan came to visit. She was in a flirty mood


And very soon things were getting hot n heavy between her and Ka


Afterwards, she stayed to chat with Sanga who was glad of the company


Ka achieved level 10 fishing skill and went off to Sylvan Glade. On his very first visit he managed to catch an anglerfish worth 1,546 simoleons!

(I really wish I had a picture of this but unfortunately I was focusing on Sanga at the time)

Sanga became an adult


Now that she was a gardening expert En-pap felt free to try her hand at fishing. Unfortunately, that often meant being near Ka


But Manduorix was pleased because she got to look after the plants


Andoco became a teen and found he had aquired a dislike of children. Then he shocked his mother by telling her that he intended to leave home to live with the Elm Clan who had invited him to join them. He wanted to meet his brother he said



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