Sylvan Glade

The newly teenaged Manduorix and Kata began to get to know each other better


Kata turned out to be a bit of a snob. Her ambition was to become a leader of the pack. Manduorix, meanwhile, was rather too much like her mother. Not only did they both want to become amazing gardeners but Manduorix had inherited En-pap’s unpleasant streak although it was more muted in her.

Disaster struck at mealtime when Andoco caught on fire. Although he didn’t appear to notice…


His big sisters rescued him

To everyone’s disgust, it turned out that little Velbutena was sqeamish. She hated anything dirty or slimy and fishing filled her with horror. She was at least able to help a little by collecting rocks and metals


Now that she was a teen and more capable of hard work Manduorix took over her father’s job of woodcarving, leaving him free to go back to fishing. She’d have rather worked on the garden though


But he was very happy


One morning, En-pap woke up to find she had grown a very strange plant


She was determined to take good care of it

When Sanga was out she came across a most peculiar tree


Even odder, when she paid the tree some attention it opened up


It wasn’t the wisest idea perhaps but Sanga just had to go inside


The tunnel led to a strange yet beautiful underground area


Sanga immeditately began to fish in the pond. Soon she was catching all manner of new fish not to mention some plants she had never seen before


Eventually, her bladder forced her home. There she found everyone except En-pap was asleep. She excitedly told her about what she had discovered and gave her the pomegranates. En-pap was delighted and made Sanga promise to bring back any more new plants she might come across


Kata had taken up painting and found she liked it even more than fishing


While chatting one day Manduorix showed her mean side by giving Sanga some fake bad news. She and En-pap  thought it was hilarious when Sanga got really upset


But En-pap herself was about to have an awful time. Although she and Ka had made no promises to sleep exclusively with each other – Sanga was the proof of that – it still hurt more than she could have thought when he brought home Tak and took her to his tent. She realised she had fallen for him hard.


There and then, En-pap swore to make Ka as unhappy as she was now


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