Manduorix was excited for her new sibling to be born. She wanted to know what they’d be called. “Velbutena if it’s a girl, Dias if it’s a boy” said En-pap


She ran off to tell the others. Soon she would be a teenager and have less ime to run wild so she was determined to make the most of it now


Since the new arrival would mean another mouth to feed, Ka decided to try his hands a t woodwork. He didn’t like it as much as painting or fishing but it was in high demand with the other clans


Then En-pap gave birth to a beutiful baby. They called her Velbutena


Andoco felt a bit left out now he wasn’t the baby of the family so Sanga took him fishing with her. Despte the fact they weren’t biologically related she loved him very much. Andoco had even requested to wear his hair like hers


En-pap was happy not to be pregnant anymore for many reasons but one of them was that she could go running again


Sanga reached the top of the fishing skill! She was so proud of herself


Ka became an adult. He didn’t feel much different than before. That same day, Mal-sal’di called to tell him she’d given birth to a baby boy called Banna. Naturally, Ka was delighted


Duro and Andoco started to spend more time with each other


Tal came to visit En-pap although he ended up spending most of his time in the pool


Three birthdays at once! Manduorix became a teen


As did Kata


And Velbutena grew into a lovely little girl



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