The Oak Clan gets a luxury

All the members of the Oak Clan were feeling very low spirited. They were constantly dirty and smelly but it was very difficult for them to find the time to visit the pool


When Tal came to visit they were incredibly embarassed. It was more than they could bear


That was when Sanga proposed they should dig their own pool. It would take a lot of time and effort but, she said, it would be worth it to be able to bathe any time they liked. The others were in immediate agreement


Kata and Duro were the first to try it out. It was the first time Duro had ever been in the water so he was a little bit nervous but Kata was a very good teacher and he soon found that he loved swimming. The pool rapidly became the favorite part of the camp.


Kata also helped Duro become better at fishing. She was a patient person who loved to fish herself and although part of why she loved it was to be alone with her thoughts she was happy to be with her little brother as well


To her enormous surprise, En-pap was pregnant again. 09-09-16_1-17-52-pm

She racked her brains to think how it could have happened and remembered that one day she and Ka had been so lonely and bored they had crept into a tent together although it wasn’t safe to do so. How she cursed herself. Sanga was horrified. Ever since her dangerous labour she had had a horror of pregnancy and had decided to never have another child

The children decided to work harder to help out. Manduorix went looking for things to trade. She loved to roam far and wide, exploring new places and delighted in finding rare and valuable things.


Ka splippe off to woo Mal-sal’di. At first she wasn’t interested


But in the end his charm won her over


He returned home with the feeling that his family was soon going to get even larger

Manduorix and Kata were very good friends and whished to always be so. While out fishing they swore a solemn oath to always put each other before anyone else, to help and protect each other and to never wrong the other



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