Soon, Manduorix and Kata grew up

Manduorix is a perfectionist and Kata is a music lover

They soon learnt the ways of the camp


And began to help out finding food and items to trade

By this time, En-pap was pregnant again


So she decided that before she and Sanga gave birth and had to look after the babies they would take the girls to the most sacred and spiritual place there was


While the girls looked around the adults took the opportunity to bathe in the deep pool nearby

It felt so good to get all the dirt and sweat off. Then it was time to tech the girls to swim. It was difficult at first but Kata soon got the hang of it. Manduorix had more trouble and came out feeling that she didn’t really like the water


That night, Sanga danced a dance of health and protection. She would need it when the baby came


And when she did go in to labour it was unexpectedly early, on a day when everyone else had gone about their business far away


Fortunately, Sanga got through the ordeal unharmed and was soon breastfeeding her new son, Duro


When Ka got home he was surprised and ecstatic to see his child


Everyone was incredibly relieved and  grateful Sanga and Duro were both alive and unhurt and resolved never to let something like that happen again

One day, En-pap made an exciting discovery. She could graft an cutting from one plant on to another to create a completly new plant! She tried grafting a useless snapdragon onto a straberry plant and soon something else was growing…


Things went on pretty quietly in the camp. Kata enjoyed some rare downtime


Ka made a new friend


and for once everyone got to eat together


When the time came for En-pap to give birth she was assisted by Sanga while a worried Ka tried to hide his anxiety


En-pap had a boy too who she named Andoco. He was a very tiring baby who was constantly crying no matter what anyone did


Since the grime had really begun to build up Ka took his daughters swimming while En-pap and Sanga stayed behind to look after the babies. Of course, they did have the river to wash in if they got desperate.

At first, Manduorix wasn’t sure if she wanted to go back in the water but Kata stayed to persuade her. Manduorix hated to be defeated by anything and she loved to explore so she appealed to her courage and sense of adventure


Since Manduorix never could keep still she was soon having fun splashing water at her twin


And before she knew it she had slipped into the water and was swimming, if not like a fish, then competently.


Leaving Kata free to cannonball


When they were clan and tired out, the girls went home but Ka decided to visit the prosperous Elm Clan who lived a short distance away. He soon got talking to a pair of siblings called Tak and Tal


Tak certainly seemed to like him. Then he met the clan matriarch (and her eldest daughter) and just knew he would have to start a romance. Not only was she brave and forceful but Mal-sal’di was incredibly charismatic and cared deeply for her family just like he did


He left with promises to come back soon. When he told the others about his day, En-pap mentioned that she had met Tak and Tal before and thought they were nice people

A little later Duro grew up. Like his father, he was creative


He turned out to be very good with his brother (although Andoco still cried a lot)


Manduorix and Kata grew to be very good friends


Ka decided that as there were now three children to help gather food he would try his hand at painting on the rocks. He was really pleased to find an outlet for his creative side


Then it was time for Andoco to become a child. It seemed all that crying was a forewarning because he grew up to be gloomy


But he was a quick learner and eager to help out


For now, the Oak Clan would take a break from having childen and concentrate on living well


(I spent ages making the sacred spot/national park look good and then my game crashed unexpectedly and I couldn’t be bothered the second time around)


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