A New Clan Member

Ka was feeling pretty lonely as En-pap was very busy taking care of the twins. Fortunately he’d met a few people while fishing and one day he invited his friend Sanga of the Flint Clan to visit the pool with him.

08-30-16_5-41-43 PM

They got on very well…

08-30-16_5-42-45 PM

In fact, Ka liked her so much he asked if she wanted to join the Oak Clan. Sanga wasn’t sure as she alreay had a mate in the Flint Clan but she was very fond of Ka and the Oak Clan was doing very well for themselves these days. So she decided to come and live with Ka and En-pap for a little while and then make up her mind.

Sanga and En-pap found they got along very well

08-30-16_6-24-11 PM

And since she shared Ka’s love of fishing she could help bring in food

08-30-16_6-45-04 PM

She also helped them take care of the babies

08-30-16_6-12-06 PM

The Oak Clan realised they would need more tents with so many new members. They also made a toy for when the twins were older and brought in another bush to relieve themselves in. That night En-pap told the others a story as they sat around the fire. Life was good. Except for the smell…

08-30-16_6-28-24 PM


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