Getting Started in the Prehistoric Era

Era Goals (I will post them again at the end of the era with how well I did)

  • Reach level 10 Fishing, Gardening and Handiness skill on the same Sim – 1 points
  • Earn 20 000 simoleons from selling rocks, fossils, frogs and/or woodwork – 2 points
  • Have the same Sim have children with at least 5 different Sims – 2 points
  • Catch an Anglerfish worth at least 1500 simoleons – 2 points
  • Have no family member die of anything other than Old Age – 3 points


  • Aspirations
    “Alone in an unforgiving World, Prehistoric Sims had little else on their mind than to ensure a full belly for their family.”

    Sims may have the Angling Ace, Freelance Botanist, Social Butterfly, Outdoor Enthusiast and Leader of the Pack aspirations.
  • Careers
    “Every Sim was equally important to the survival of Simkind, so you might say that Prehistoric Sims were employed by their community as a whole, rather than by any individual Sim.”

    Sims may not join any careers. They may however sell collectibles, paintings and woodwork, but may not open a personal store.
    Collectibles, in this case, refers to everything that is part of an in-game collection, as well as anything else that can be found through fishing/gardening/digging, such as upgrade parts and time capsules.
  • Romance
    “Romance was simple and straight-forward for Sims back in the Prehistoric Times. You find someone you like, take them home, and have lots of little Simlets, without all the fuss of soulmates and marriage.”

    Sims may not get married, but may have multiple mates. Same-sex relations are not allowed. Adoptions are not allowed. Babies must be born at home, not in hospitals. Pregnancy Tests are not allowed. Babies may not be sent to daycare, a Sim must stay at home to take care of them. Sims may not “safe” WooHoo, they may only “Try For Baby”.
  • Objects/Furniture
    “We may find it difficult to imagine living without all our electronics and other luxuries, but Prehistoric Sims were forced to make do with the absolute basics.”

    Sims may buy and use bassinets, easels, lumps of clay, pools, trash cans, woodworking tables, campfires, tents, yoga mats, bonfires, bushes and diving platforms.
    “Bushes”, in this case, refer to the special bushes added by Get Together. If you don’t have Get Together, you may use a regular toilet instead of the bush. In case pools do not give your Sims hygiene, you may use a sink, but only for hygiene purposes. The easel may only be used to paint Classic, Landscape and From Reference paintings during this Era.
  • Other Rules
    “Prehistoric Sims were very much at the mercy of Mother Nature and her whims, as they had not yet discovered how to defend themselves from her rage.”

    Sims may only eat food that they have caught or grown, such as insects, fish, fruit, mushrooms, etc. No “free” food like hot dogs and marshmallows. Sims may also not order medicine to deal with illnesses.


This is the home of En-pap and Ka of the Oak Clan. Right now, it really isn’t much

08-28-16_2-01-11 PM

Both En-pap and Ka were feeling happy so they decided to get to know each other

08-28-16_2-12-46 PM

 En-pap learnt that Ka was a self-assured and creative spirit who loved his family. Ka, on the other hand, was not so fortunate. He learnt that his new clanmate was active which was good but also that not only did she have a very hot temper, she was downright evil! Still they must have found some things in common because they soon became friends.

08-28-16_2-17-50 PM

Then they got to work. En-pap went looking for things she could trade to other clans

08-28-16_2-19-03 PM

And Ka went fishing. He really enjoyed fishing and he had always dreamt of becoming the greatest fisherman in the world.

08-30-16_2-17-47 PM

That afternoon they ate the fish Ka had caught

08-28-16_2-26-03 PM

The next day, Ka went off to fish again but En-pap did something different – she invented agriculture.

08-28-16_5-13-04 PM

As soon as she began to plant she knew she had found her true calling.

However, by this time both of them were absolutely miserable with how dirty they were so they decided to clean themselves up at a nearby pool

08-28-16_5-15-46 PM

Maybe it was the thrill of finally being clean or maybe it was the excitement of visiting a beautiful area just for fun but Ka and En-pap really hit it off. And before they knew it this was happening:

08-28-16_5-27-00 PM

And some time later En-pap discovered that she was pregnant

08-30-16_2-14-37 PM

It was a struggle for her to survive being constantly ravenous but Ka helped, often giving up his fish and only eating fruit so she could stay healthy. And it was all worth it when she gave birth to two lusty daughters who they named Manduorix and Kata.

08-30-16_2-43-44 PM


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